Helping vulnerable West Island residents get to their vital medical appointments.


You are 83 years old and living in the West Island by yourself with mobility issues. Planning a simple medical appointment, from transportation, getting into the office and to figuring out your way back home becomes a major stress in your life.

Sometimes it gets so overwhelming that not going to a vital medical appointment seems like the only alternative. Unfortunately, this is not a unique story. As the senior population increases, more and more West Islanders find themselves in this dilemma.  This is where ABOVAS makes a difference.


What is ABOVAS?

ABOVAS is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 whose mission is to accompany vulnerable senior West-Island residents to their medical appointments. Its name stands for Accompagnement Bénévole de l’Ouest / (West-Island) Volunteer Accompaniment Service.

For the past eleven years, ABOVAS has accompanied thousands of seniors to their health care appointments. This service is not ​just​ a pick-up and drop-off service. They are an accompaniment service. ABOVAS aims to offer the best possible services and relies on the devotion of volunteers who make time to show up at the senior’s home, drive to the location of the medical appointment, keep the senior company in the waiting room and drive the senior back home. More than directly addressing the transportation need, it is a full support service in which bonds of trust and friendships are formed.


Volunteers are essential in providing this service to our community. They are looking for volunteers that are willing to give a few hours a week or a month to help drive and accompany a senior to their medical appointment.  Help them help improve their quality of life! Volunteers receive a minimal monetary compensation for the use of their vehicle.


ABOVAS brings a truly invaluable service to the West Island community offering transport to vital medical appointments whilst breaking social isolation. In short, ABOVAS improves the quality of life of vulnerable seniors.


To schedule an appointment please contact ABOVAS 7 to 10 days before your medical appointment to make sure they have a volunteer available for you.

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