“At 16 years old I was going through a depression. I felt I didn’t fit in at school, always struggling to make friends and not able to focus on my studies. At home, I felt I couldn’t talk to anyone. My parents were “too busy” and stressed all the time. I knew I was heading in the wrong direction. I needed help to get back on track.”

Supporting children and families by promoting and preserving healthy family relationships.


AMCAL Family Services is a non-profit, community-based organization located in the West Island committed to build, preserve and nurture healthy family relationships for over 35 years. AMCAL strengthens the community by anticipating, advocating and advancing the role of families. Through AMCAL programs, tools and guidance, the whole family unit is involved in working together to address their issues and achieve a sustainable solution.

AMCAL serves families residing in the Greater Montreal area who experience difficult family issues or conflicts. The various services provided target children and parents whose children experience difficulties or show signs of disruptive behaviour. Here are the programs offered.


Residential Program

Outreach & Family Counselling

Emerging Adults Program

Emotional Management

Visiting Mothers Program

Supervised Visits

Family First Program

21st Century Parenting

School Program


Supervised Visits Program, the Families First Program and the Visiting Mothers Program are FREE . Other programs are offered at a considerable fee reduction.

AMCAL in numbers (2016-2017)

Residential Program:

168 individuals (or 42 families) served.

School-Based Program:

2072 children impacted.

Family Counselling:

44 families counseled.

Emotional Management:

13 workshops

Family First Program:

41 families participated

Our Place:

37 families attended

Supervised Visitation Program:

167 families serviced=1438 visits (3894 hours of supervised visits)


Don’t wait to get the help you need!

Don’t wait for your family situation to deteriorate. In using the programs provided by AMCAL, the outcome for your family as a whole could be life changing.






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