“After school, I used to walk by this cool looking house, and always wondered what was going on in there. With a “MDJ” sign out front and artwork by the window, I could see a pool table and work out room inside. I’ve heard that any teen can go in. When I finally got the courage to walk in, it changed my life. I discovered a safe space. A place for me to be me, to discover who I really was with no judgment. A place where I could play music, play games, workout and do my homework. A place where I could talk and people will listen.”

A safe place for teenagers to be, discover and grow.

Maison des Jeunes Pierrefonds is a drop-in youth centre for anyone aged 12 to 18 to feel welcome and accepted.

MDJ Pierrefonds has been actively involved with the youth in the community since 1981. Noot only do they provide a variety of activities, there are adults present to help you get comfortable in your own skin. MDJ is there to prevent you from getting off track, encourage you to be active in your life, open dialogue, think critically and become a well-adjusted, responsible human being.

Who is MDJ Pierrefonds for?

If you feel isolated, lost, bored, sad, anxious, insecure, scared,

if you want someone to listen to you, express yourself,

if you want to just hang out, try something new, something different,

If you want to feel safe, focus, have fun, meet new people,

MDJ Pierrefonds is for you.

What is there to do at MDJ?

MDJ Pierrefonds has rooms for all sorts of activities and workshops. You can also participate in a yearly fitness race. Intrigued? Go in and find out!

But they have what matters most: someone to talk to.


More than a hang out spot, it’s a place for you to be heard, find your voice, be yourself, and make friends.


MDJ Pierrefonds in numbers


A third of the 27,000 West Islanders living in poverty reside in Pierrefonds

58% of the West Island immigrant population live in Pierrefonds

Over 3,800 visits this year

80 structured activities totalling 850 participating youths



Hang out at MDJ Pierrefonds and tell your friends!

Give it a try for just an hour, and see if you enjoy it.

Just show up at 4855 Sources Blvd and see what happens!

Open hours

Summer Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday; 1pm to 9pm

School Year Hours:

Tuesday to Friday; 3pm to 9pm,

Saturday; 1pm to 9pm


Call them (514) 683-4164

Or visit their website at

Visit our social media

Instagram: mdj_pierrefonds

Facebook: MDJPfds

Twitter: mdjpierrefonds