“Imagine having communication challenges in your new environment.

Imagine a senior faced with loneliness and isolation.

Imagine struggling with mental illness.

For any number of reasons and personal challenges,  WICA is the place to turn to for help.”

Assisting all those who are disadvantaged in the community.

West Island Citizen Advocacy or more commonly known as WICA, is a non profit organization whose purpose is to improve the quality of life and defend the rights of all those who are living with a handicapping condition or who are disadvantaged (protégés) in the community by supporting them and matching them with competent volunteers (advocates). Serving the West Island Community since 1976, WICA is actively involved in matching volunteers one-to-one with vulnerable people as well as offering support to those who are at a disadvantage in the community.

Who is their service for?

WICA serves the vulnerable West Island population including specific programs for those with intellectual/physical challenges, mental health issues, and isolated and vulnerable seniors.

WICA is all about improving the overall well being of vulnerable West Islanders. WICA fosters companionship to break social isolation and the cycles of vulnerabilities. WICA defends the rights of their protégés with a wide variety of services to support any aspects of their life that make them vulnerable – be it material, physical, emotional, intellectual, practical or communicational.

WICA in numbers

469 volunteers

230 people on the waiting list

2097 people served last year

11,800 hours given to the community in 2017


WICA needs your help.

With over two hundred people on the waiting list, volunteers are essential in providing the one-on-one service to the vulnerable population. To keep advocating for the disadvantaged West Islanders, donations are vital to sustain the many helpful services provided by WICA.


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