“At 45, I was diagnosed with cancer. As I was going through my medical treatments, I often felt powerless and vulnerable. I needed something more, a way to feel better about myself, a place where I felt the emotional, physical and spiritual aspect of my healing was being cared for. The West Island Cancer Wellness Centre’s approach to the psychosocial approach to cancer care, which goes beyond treating just the cancer. It is a whole-person integrated approach to wellness. The moment I walked in to that beautiful yellow house, I felt it was just what I needed to get through journey.”

The place to turn to when cancer affects your life.


What is West Island Cancer Wellness Centre?

The West Island Cancer Wellness Centre (WICWC) is a registered charity dedicated to offering compassionate care and support to anyone experiencing cancer – either having it themselves or supporting someone with cancer. The Centre follows a holistic and compassionate approach to cancer treatment that puts the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of participants at the heart of its care.

The Centre offers programs and services by wellness professionals free of charge, following a holistic approach which is a type of care that can improve the quality of life of the people affected by cancer and their loved ones. The Centre is a big, beautiful yellow house that addresses the emotional, physical and spiritual needs with the objectives for the participants to become better informed, empowered, gain more control over their lives, reduce feelings of isolation and foster hope.


Who is the service for?

Anyone from all ages (West Island resident or not) who has cancer (all types of cancer) between diagnosis and one year post-treatment and a loved one or active caregiver are welcome.

Programs offered

Acupressure, reiki & therapeutic touch, workshops & information sessions, support groups, nutritional cooking, individual counseling, reflexology & massage therapy, caregiver support, QiGong/Tai Chi, yoga/Meditation/Pilates, creative journaling, arts, and more.

WICWC in numbers

2000+ hours of services / month

2160 participants since 2008

80 wellness professional volunteers

100 community volunteers

8000 + wellness professional volunteer hours

35 + programs & services


The Centre needs your help!

All the services offered at WICWC are free of charge, the operational costs of running the Centre is solely based on private funding, without any governmental assistance. Donations will greatly help the Centre fulfill its mandate of caring for the wellness of their participants in the long term.

Increasing the awareness of the Wellness Centre is also essential. Anyone that is affected by cancer should know that there is support in our community. A fluently bilingual staff is always there to help.



Contact the WICWC

514 695-9355

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