Breakfast Club of Canada

Breakfast Club of Canada
Name of Organization – Program or Service:
Breakfast Club of Canada
Program or Service Description:
Breakfast Club of Canada supports school breakfast programs offered every school day. Whether it involves establishing a new breakfast program or strengthening an existing one, we provide schools with funds or food, kitchen equipment, training and tools, in partnership with the school communities.
Age group:
0-11 (child), 12-17 (teen)
Eligibility requirements:
– Offer breakfast every school day
– Ensure the breakfast club is universal by encouraging the participation of all students
– Ensure a system is in place to provide financial accountability and sustainability
– Offer a nutritious menu that includes food choices consistent with Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide and provincial or territorial school food and nutrition policies
– Ensure the breakfast menu includes a minimum of three food groups per day including a serving of fruit or vegetables and a serving of milk or milk alternatives
– Allow adequate time for students to eat and encourage them to be attentive to their fullness cues
– Promote healthy eating through positive role modeling and food and nutrition education
– Operate in a location that is safe, universally accessible, and welcoming
– Prepare, store, and serve food and beverages using safe food handling practices in accordance with provincial/territorial regulations and local public health agencies
– Respect and comply with existing school board health, safety, and anaphylaxis policies
– Welcome and respect every student
– Offer a menu that is culturally appropriate and that accommodates the individual needs of students with food sensitivities
– Promote the program within the entire community
Contribution from the school community and its partners to complement the Club’s support and to ensure their breakfast program is sustainable.
Every school day, before class or at the beginning of class.
English, French
135-B, boulevard de Mortagne, Boucherville, Québec J4B 6G4
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM – Monday to Friday
(450) 641-3230
Funding Source:
Private and public sectors
Volunteering Opportunities:
Organization’s Mission:
We nurture potential and grow healthy students, giving an equal chance of success to all kids, one breakfast at a time!
Program or Service Details:
Breakfast Club of Canada supports school communities to operate their school breakfast programs. We actually support four school breakfast programs in the West Island.

As part of breakfast programs, we provide training for volunteers and school staff on nutrition, youth engagement, volunteering, community mobilization, self-esteem.
We also offer a variety of activities that promote self-esteem and the development of full potential.